Transcendental Tarot

& Intuitive Healer

As long as I can remember, I have been naturally connected to the spirit world. Living with and seeing spirits as a child, I’ve been taken deeper into the spirit realms over time. In the last few years my guides and ascended masters have pushed to connect and communicate with me to steer me in the direction that feeds my souls purpose and answer some of my big questions. I discovered my path to help others find their own answers by using my gifts and connection to the angelic realms.

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I have had readings before and left feeling completely skeptical. That being said, a reading with Clare will not leave you feeling skeptical but rather the most genuine clarity you could ask for. My reading was absolutely spiritually changing because not only did I receive validation on the contentious parts of my life, I came out with a much more enlightened path on how to proceed in life. What’s sooo shocking too is that my reading was the first time that I met her and she immediately picked up on my personality and character traits that just proved how authentic she truly is. I’m such a guarded person and she peeled away some layers that takes people years to do! Even if the answer to my questions were not what I wanted to hear I felt like she gave me the answers that I needed to hear. Leaving the reading with Clare, I felt aligned spiritually and mentally and ready to take on the world.
— Arrow, Los Angeles CA
Meeting and speaking with Clare was such a lovely and kind experience, not to mention inspiring and left me amazed. I hesitate to say I received a “reading” because it really felt like we were old friends chatting about my life. I felt like she knew me and was piecing together what I was asking with what the universe and my guides were telling her. I felt at ease and taken care of. Everything she was telling me was right on the nose. I was so moved, I asked to take a picture of my cards. Her cards were beautiful and I keep that picture up on my vanity mirror so I can look up at it and feel the warmth every day. If you have an opportunity to meet with Clare, do it and do it now!
— Katie, Los Angeles CA
I hosted an event where Clare read tarot for each of my guests, and they were all blown away by the experience-including myself! She is SO good at what she does..
— Rachel, Studio City CA
This was my 1st reiki session ever. I had seen and read about reiki but never had the opportunity to experience it until I had my session with Clare and I had the best experience! With Clare, I felt super calm and relaxed. The experience was great and I never felt so de-stressed like I did that day. If you have always wanted to try it, Clare’s healing warmth with be nothing but welcoming.
— Mayra, Oxnard CA
I love going to Clare for my tarot readings and reiki sessions. Her energy is very light and comforting and puts your mind and body at ease. She is great at explaining what each crystal, scent, and item around you is and what it will be healing. If you have any questions she answers them or if you want to find out where to purchase something, she gives you the name and where you can purchase at, she also offers other great recommendations that can help you feel less stressed, anxious, etc… whatever it is that you are feeling. I always leave with a clear mind and overall just more positive!
— Maggie, Los Angeles CA
Clare generously traveled to my home days after a very invasive surgery. Not only was her reiki treatment exactly what my body needed to begin its healing process, but her energy immediately put me at ease. Would do it all over again - the experience was amazing!
— Marina, Los Angeles CA